Price List


Effective April 1, 2024

we will be raising our prices.

call for current prices


   Two Dogs/One Run (allowed, but if necessary, will be separated)
Multiple Pet Discount on boarding 5% 

New Clients, first time boarding, 50% deposit required

We accept the following payment types: VISA, MASTERCARD, Checks and Cash

Clients are charged for day of drop off regardless of time pet is dropped off.

No charge for last day if pet is picked up by 1pm

In house credit is issued instead of refunds.

Additional Options

Additional Items:
Exercise Yard: ~10 min each $4.00
Exercise Yard Playtime ~15 min session $6.00
Late Night Potty Break $6.00
 Cat Playtime ~ out of cage  $4.00
Kennel Food each feeding $1.50

Early/Late Pickup/Drop off $25.00
Destruction fee $20.00




(Recommended for stays over 3 days
does not include grooming)

Call for current prices
Brush out (long fur/blowing coat dogs) $$ extra
(prices may increase due to time brushing/blowing out coat)
Nail Trim (includes grinding) $15.00
Flea Bath on all pets additional $15.00

GROOMING: Prices Dependent on Individual Dog $$
(call for an appointment)

Nail Trim (small pets; rabbits, guinea pigs) $15.00
Bird Wings Clip/small $15.00
Bird Wings Clip/medium $20.00
Bird Wings Clip/large $25.00
Bird Beak $15.00      Bird Nail trim $15.00