Our story

This property was purchased in December 2001 by Debbie Morgan.

Before it became Country Critters, it was a dog boarding kennel named Dunmovin. This old kennel operated from the late '60's to the early '90's. At that time, the current owners passed away and the surviving children closed the operation. It remained closed till July 2004 when after extensive renovations, a new look, new name and new owner, it re-opened it's doors as Country Critters Boarding & Training Facility.

Below are pictures of the kennel when I first bought this property. It was in shambles and severely overgrown with vegetation.

I am grateful that I have a wonderful imagination and was able to see the potential in this poorly kept building.
The second set of pictures is the building we occupy today.

Country Critters Boarding & Training Facility is continuing to grow...with the newest feature of grooming to our services.


Expanding 2012

After alot of leg work and determination, we are EXPANDING to meet the needs of our clients. We are adding on more indoor/outdoor runs, a new second story to house our cats, small caged pets and to expand our grooming operations. Please look back for photos.